Reprogram your mind

We are Australia's leading educator on how to reprogram your mind and habits and loose weight. 

Are you ready to get off the fad diets merry-go-round forever?!

Are you tired of emotional over-eating, feeling lethargic, poorly motivated to move? If you have tried everything to lose weight and develop your personal wellbeing but nothing has worked.

Maybe you are just confused on what to do

Why not find out how to become the healthiest, happiest you can be by learning how to take control, make healthier eating and movement decisions and follow through on all those things that you have read about, know about, but can’t quite seem to do.


 If your story looks like this:

  • My weight won’t shift
  • I don’t have time to exercise
  • I have tried every diet
  • Nothing I do has an effect
  • I don’t have time to do all that meal prep
  • I feel depressed over my lack of progress

Let us show you how to harness the neuro plasticity of your mind to lose
weigh and keep it off!

Then you can find a new way to prevent these sabotaging thoughts, ideas,
and lack of motivation.







Treated the way you
want to be treated

Seen the way you
want to see yourself

Discover our Cutting edge new techniques
to change your Mindset for success.

My program is not a fad diet, a pill or a rigid exercise routine, but teaching you how to reprogram your mind emotions that work as we uncover your destructive beliefs and give you real strategies to replace them with a new way of thinking. Applications that you can use on yourself, with no ongoing costs, and follow up help if you require it.

Anyone who says it takes 21 days to change bad habits doesn’t know what they are doing.

It doesn’t take 3 weeks to change a habit it takes a different mindset, and that is where Trident-Wellbeing is different. We will show you in our workshop how you can do this in the areas you have come to us to work on and potentially other habits that you feel would benefit with a change.

We’ll teach you how to build new habits and give up the old habits that held you back from losing weight and feeling great. We aim to get you on track with new habits after this workshop.

So, you will never need another special diet, fad food program, rigorous exercise program or be time poor ever again. Have it all, extra time with the family and things you enjoy doing, feel happy, and content with better overall wellbeing!