2 easy ways to meet your Weight loss goals and avoid FADS and YOYO dieting

2 easy ways to meet your Weight loss goals and avoid FADS and YOYO dieting

Today let’s talk about why you may be yoyo dieting. Perhaps you have had success with your diet and have dropped that 5-10 kg but then you turned around and it’s like it never happened. Not only have you put the weight back on, but there is even a little more junk in the trunk.

How the hell did that happen you may ask?

Well, it certainly can be demotivating. One person I worked with lost 20 kg only to have it, and a bit more, return. She tried lots of things; fad diets, shakes, friendly advice from well-meaning friends, even meal prep.

There were, however, some underlying problems that were not addressed. And here is where I find it really sad. See, when you know you can help someone but they aren’t actually ready to explore the hard stuff, the best you can be is a support person. This can feel really impotent. I suspect that if you have someone in your family that isn’t making the changes that they may be, then this could be exactly how you feel.

The issue is that this person needs to want to change. They need to explore what they are doing to themselves emotionally. Why is it that they don’t really want to make the changes?

I have had many, many discussions with both men and women. I’ve heard lots of surface problems about why they are unhealthy and why they may want to be fitter, slimmer, more active or healthier. Now it could be easy to make a judgement on this but realistically that doesn’t help anyone.

Unconsciously, something is going on and exploring this can take time, effort and can be quite confronting. If you can use some of these tools maybe you can help yourself loose that weight, keep it off or help your loved one in a way that is constructive and emotionally supportive.


So the first thing I want you to do today, is realise that fad dieting is not doing you any favours. It messes up your hormones to the extent that your cortisol levels can become even more skewed.

If you already have underlying stresses perhaps from way back in your past then fad dieting is going to affect your emotions even more. If you’re emotionally dysregulated it can be even harder to focus and stay on track for your weight loss goals.

Your body will secrete more cortisol feeling it is under stress. This leads to weight gain as we are unable to metabolise carbohydrate effectively. Our insulin levels can be affected causing more fat to be stored. This alone can alter our moods, motivation and increase frustration with trying to be healthy.

So what can you do as a potential fix, presuming there is nothing too underlying.


I am going to suggest: chunk up. No I don’t mean eat another pound of chocolate and add some more to the hips. I mean, what is your big picture image?

What do you want for yourself in 1 year, 5, or 10 years.

How does that look, what does it feel like? If you have this ability to look at the big picture how are you behaving differently, what do you notice?

It is really important to have a clear picture of what this future looks like.

Saying I want to drop 10 kg is not enough. You need to know exactly what your future looks like if you make the changes you want. What are you telling yourself? What are other people saying about you? What is the difference in you expression, energy levels and overall outlook on life?

These things may take some time to really think through clearly. But if you can make them as clear as possible, notice the whole big picture you will not only know what your future will look like, you will know how much better you will feel.


So now you have the big picture I want you to do a step by step of how you are going to get there. The more specific you can be the more of a plan you will have.

  1. What will you do today precisely? Eg. reduce all portion sizes and exercise 30 minutes a day.
  2. Research a healthy meal plan.
  3. Research a new exercise you can try next week.
  4. Talk to a friend so that you can be made to feel accountable.
  5. Find a training buddy.

As you notice none of these are expensive but they are specific. You may have more ideas. The more detailed you can make your small chunks the more likely you are to do them.

These just need to be little tasks and you may do a different one each day. But each one will bring you closer to your big picture in an easy manageable way. Soon you will have developed new habits. You will feel better. You will experience more balanced in many areas of your life and notice a bunch of different things happening to you.

Clothes may feel looser, muscles firm up. The weight loss may be subtle at first. Soon others will notice how you are changing, sometimes even before you.

By following these easy steps change is inevitable and imagine how good you will feel.

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