Our emotions are part of our makeup, they are there all the time. Whether we notice them or not, they play a big part in how we conduct ourselves every day.

If we emotionally feel low, confused, or negative, this can have an effect on how we react to everything around us.



The thing about the human mind, is that it always answers our innermost dialogues.

So if you are telling yourself that you feel tired today, you will totally feel lethargic. When we feel lethargic we become de-motivated, low on energy. We become low on enthusiasm for our previously planned goals.

If that isn’t bad enough we then go in search of our limiting beliefs to help support our lack of motivation.

Maybe you then say to yourself, I don’t have time to exercise today. Meal prep today is impossible I don’t have all the ingredients that I need. And sure enough, we put off moving and eating well, yet again.

The more we do this the easier it becomes, soon we don’t even pay attention to our inner dialogue. We may notice a sensation and just respond.

If a niggle in our mind pops up about “I should do some exercise” we can quickly conjure up that feeling of lethargy. If that isn’t enough we have our belief system to become our “fall backs” and not let any other intent through. Our intent becomes blocked and our goals for that time obliterated.

This happens in many aspects of our lives. Maybe we want to go out and meet someone, or try something new. We have our inner dialogue take off, like the runner out the gate. Like the runner it gains momentum. E.g “today isn’t a good day, as my hair isn’t done, I don’t have anything to wear, I have visitors coming later so had better clean. My work load is too heavy to fit in anything at all. It will be too expensive, waste of time, boring…..” and so on. Soon we have created a pretty demotivated feeling. And if that isn’t enough we will go in search of a limited belief.

“I’m not ready yet, there will be time next week (quick check of diary). This person or that task needs me more right now.” Sometime before we know it years have passed and we haven’t done that trip, tended to that task, worked on our relationships or lost that weight.

We, as humans, are extraordinarily creative. It is why when I coach people I make sure they are ready to actually change.

Creating new behaviours needs some practice, it can be quick but it still needs an element of repetition to become more automatic. New habits will reduce the ‘volume’ of your inner dialogue so that we cut off those feelings at the pass. We prevent the search for beliefs to back up our should nots, and can nots.

So how are you going to get me some good habits? You may ask. Well, what I want you to do, as I don’t know what specifically works for you, but you do, is imagine what wonderful outcomes you are going to have with your new habits.

The first step is to grab those thoughts by the reins, and steer them where you want. As soon as you feel like you don’t want to move, exercise, etc. I want you to change that thought really fast to anything exciting to you. It doesn’t have to be relevant to exercising just exciting.

This way you are not allowing your negative thoughts to develop into a feeling. You may need to do this a few times. But bear with it. Soon you will be so good at diverting your thoughts so you don’t feel lethargic. You may have gone for a walk and done some easy meal prep without thinking.


The next thing to do after you have changed your thought is the “make a small move”. One meal prep. One 20 minute workout….. Whatever it takes but back up that interrupted pattern with a small activity. Quite quickly you won’t even feel lethargic or maybe even find that apathy delayed.

However- and this is the big thing- the trick is you have to want to change. These are really short easy tweaks, but if you if you are kidding yourself about change then, sorry but here is some tough love. Nothing is going to happen.

But if you really want to feel better, then practice these 2 little tweaks, they take no time, you can really get better and better at them and have the life you want. What have you got to lose? The worst that can happen is that you feel better.

If you need more help, or if it is something more underlying your weight gain feel free to send me a message and we can work it out together.

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