6 Things That Could Be Affecting Your Health and Your Weight

6 Things That Could Be Affecting Your Health and Your Weight

  1. Social media

Are you one of those people that love their social media? A quick check of Facebook before brekky, an Insta preview, speedy tweet, google or Pinterest before work. A profile review on linked in, don’t even get me started on snapchat……… and our day has barely started.

Now these social tools are great, but if they replace that walk we may have had or the conversations over dinner then there could be a problem.

  1. We won’t be moving enough. It is way easier to park the posterior and like, swipe and snap our cares away.


  1. It has been shown that these can cause more stress and anxiety which will be mentioned later. So rather than relief we could be upping the ante with anxiety.


  1. We lose the ability to socially converse 1:1 and display real care and concern for our colleagues. Genuine empathy, communication and rapport have been shown to help health and feelings of wellbeing. Can’t get a hug from your laptop.


  1. Stuck and sedentary

Ironically the more you sit and rest the more you feel less like moving. The less you move the more emotionally stuck you may become. Moving not only helps muscle mobility, activation and strength but helps our mental motivation. Sounds like moving is a great way to get unstuck mentally.


On a very fundamental level just moving helps provide more oxygen for the brain and gets those feel good hormones acting. When we feel better we do better.


  1. Bored and Bottomless.

Being bored and having a lack of motivation messes about with buts i.e. premier excuse making, I could do this but…..I should do that but…..we would do that but….. and guess what nothing gets done and we remain in that bored state.


Fun fact; the more bored we are, the more we sit the flatter our butt becomes too. Did you know that these muscles are really important for supporting our core and our health? Ever wondered why those round butted people always seem to look healthier, more energetic and motivated? Yep it’s because they are moving and not letting the other buts get in the way.


  1. Rest and Recoup.

This may seem a bit paradoxical after the previous statement but when we are go, go, go and never utter a NO, then frankly we get so dang tired that eating well and exercising and looking after ourselves takes a back seat.


Just recently I had forgotten to listen to my own advice, and been go, go, going to the extent that my sleep was becoming more interrupted, I was have sweats, and could burst into tears if anyone was even halfway nice to me. It was a bit of a startling effect. The problem was I had ‘fried’ my energy levels lived on cortisol for too long and my body was saying time to slow down….


Planned rest is necessary for our health. For our bodies to recoup and recharge the batteries before firing up again. But just like a battery too much rest is also harmful. Ever been away and left your car unattended to return home to a vehicle that won’t start?


  1. Shift work and Sleep

If you are one of the many workers that need to do shift work to pay the bills you are probably aware that sleep comes at a premium, and hopefully are scheduling proper times to get some shut eye.


If you are a night owl and taking on shift hours unnecessarily are you aware that the risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancers increase. In women there can also be an increase in breast cancer.


So schedule your sleep. Cutting out those snooze hours isn’t helping your health and in the long term it’s interfering with your productivity.


  1. Anxiety

As I have been alluding to through this scribe. If you are doing these unhealthy practices the probability of increasing your levels of anxiety increases with each unhealthy practice.


Poor motivation because stressed in the short term can lead to anxiety in the long. Prolonged anxiety ages us, we feel more fatigue and less inclined to move or eat well.


Modern scientific studies have confirmed that what is good for the body is good for the mind, and what is good for your heart is good for your brain.

An article in psychology today quotes:  John Locke, “A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this world: he that has these two, has little more to wish for.”

So let’s continually check our habits for better health and wellbeing. Those areas of fatigue, excuses and low tolerance to healthy weight management can just sneak in.

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