Take the most important step you can make

toward permanent weight loss

Don’t spend another cent on diets, gym memberships or diet ready meals until you are really prepared for permanent change!

Four Mindset Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

Our Free Introductory Lesson

This lesson will provide an Overview of the 5 key mindset activities that must be undertaken to succeed at long-term weight loss.


Design a Compelling Future

Make it Exciting!

Critical to Permanent Change is having a well-designed plan that is so compelling that it ignites your desire to behave differently.

This Lesson will show you how to design your own plan for success.

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Change Limiting Beliefs

What thoughts stop you?

Often in the process of achieving our ideal weight, we encounter barriers and hurdles to our progress.

The most common of these is our own Limiting Beliefs. In this lesson, we show how to replace your Self Limiting Beliefs with Beliefs that will Empower you to take control of your thoughts and Behaviours.

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Rewire Unhealthy Habits

Overcome Binge & Emotional Eating

It's time to replace some of the bad habits and behaviours want to get rid but haven't know how. In this lesson, you'll learn how to reprogram your brain with some powerfully simple techniques.

The end result will be new habits that will boost your success no matter what weight loss program you choose.

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Installing New Behaviours

Ignite your Motivation

To succeed sometimes we need to add new actions and behaviours to our habits.

Motivation comes from within and in this lesson, you will learn how to construct a new behaviour and install it permanent to become a new behaviour.

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Transition to Permanent Change

Insurance against Going Back

Leave the weight loss merry-go-round behind and throw away yo-yo dieting for good. Make this weight loss program your last!

This lesson will help you 'lock-in' the changes you have made form the other lessons Permanently!

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