Food Tribes

Food Tribes

Eating fun or foe? Weight Loss or Health?

We all need to eat, but this comes with mixed results.  Some people will gain weight, some will consume too many calories. Others can eat the same with no weight gain.  Still others eat to sooth, some like the social scene, and some just find it an ordeal.

Diet follower Tribe

I have heard of food tribes and just recently in the Washington Post there was an article about which tribe you may belong to.  It was a classification of which dietary regime you subscribed. There were the keto kind, the whole 30 group, paleo people, low carb cohorts and so on.  If you are on the band wagon of one of these and its working for you, fantastic, continue on.

Fun Tribe

However what if you are of a different tribe? What if you are of a tribe that eats socially.  You like to go out, and eat and drink aplently. All your friends like to go out and ‘pig out’ and lets face it everynow an again this is great entertainment.

What happens though if your tribe does this regularly. Are you noticing that everyone is not getting any fitter, slimmer or healthier looking. This can be so much so that it becomes your norm, as that’s what the tribe does.

Foe food

Maybe you are of the tribe of very vegan, or just supper careful.  This may be fantastic and you may feel great.  But are you enjoying your meals.  These days thankfully there are more places that recognise these tribes and cater to making the meals look better than a smoosh of vegetables and everything fee dip. If your tribe enjoys this then you may find that you are all supper conscientious and a great healthy fit, however if your tribe is working hard at this regime, how much fun is it?


Mindful munchers

This tribe is a mix of healthy eating, sometimes vegetarian, sometimes pig-out, but always finding enjoyment. This tribe, looks healthy, energetic, savours their meals, has fun with their food and finds foods that work for them.

They have a balance between calories in and calorie out. So they eat, to suit their own body type.  I put it to you that if you know where your cut off point is, which foods ‘sit’ well with you and don’t react with bloating, or large jumps on the scales then, you should join into the all-round tribe.

Sure have a big lunch, but remind yourself that your tribe is about feeling good and perhaps doesn’t need a big dinner either.

If being carbohydrate clear make you feel super energetic then so be it and enjoy that sensation. For when you know your body, you will eat more mindfully, enjoyably and healthily.

Once you and your body are in sync, your mindset isn’t about keeping up with the others in the tribe. It isn’t about eating like a martyr, it is about recognizing how your body responds. Recreating positive sensations and memories around those healthier foods, and if the side effect is you being in a healthy weight range, feeling energetic, maybe others will hitch to YOUR tribe.



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