Why diet shakes don’t help

I thought a good place to start my first blog is on one of my pet peeves when it comes to helping people lose weight ‘why Diet Shakes don’t help!’

My problem has nothing to do with how bad many of them taste or the nutritional value or even the money. No, I reserve my distaste because of its impact on long-term weight management.

See. I have always been an advocate for the idea anyone one wanting to loose weight should set their sights higher than just loosing the kilos and achieving their healthy body shape. The goal should be to be to change your thinking, habits, behaviours so that you keep the well-being you’ve worked so hard to get!

So, let me ask you who plans to drink food replacement meals for the rest of their life?

I’m sure the diet shake companies do. I know one chain of chemists that has done very well with their ranges of shakes. No judgement on making money by the way. At some point, you have to go back to a life where you rely on making good choices on preparing and eating real meals. It makes sense then that as you lose weight you should be retraining your brain to make better choices and install better eating and meal habits as you go, right? It should be an after thought. Unfortunately, I have found that it isn’t thought of at all.

It isn’t really about Diet Shakes. I could just as easily be directed at prepared diet meals, detox cleanse or another ‘quick fix’ that seems so alluring to people wanting to lose weight. Quick fixes are what ‘Dieters’ do. People who want sustained physical well-being will do it differently.

So what should you do?

Here are my top five suggestions on how to lose weight and change your relationship with food permanently.

  • See a Nutritionist. They are great at helping to educate you how to eat well and lower your calorie intake in a sustainable way.
  • Learn from someone who already has a healthy relationship with food. Find out what they do and model that.
  • Get off the Quick Fix merry-go-round. If your goal is to lose weight quickly then reassess the goal. Quick weight loss rarely sticks. Because it doesn’t usually give you the time to rewire your brains bad habits
  • Look at portion size. You may still be able to enjoy a meal you really like if you reduce the amount you pile on the plate.
  • Get advice and guidance from a professional who specialises in helping people rewire their habits.
  • Look forward to seeing you in the lunch room without the Diet Shake.Sophia

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