How mindset alone doesn’t get the weight off

How mindset alone doesn’t alsways help with losing weight

Let’s face it: losing weight and the mindset required is not an easy, as it often requires dramatic lifestyle changes. Many of the foods you’ll need to cut aren’t just tasty – they also come with strong emotional attachments, making them tough to quit cold turkey.

Think about it: do you really think about the dietary impact of a piece of cake after a tough day at work, or a basket of wings during a night out with your mates?

Try as you might, you can’t think or reason your way to a size 2 dress or six-pack abs.

Mindful eating, willpower and mantras are not the answer to your dietary woes

Recently, though, leading online publications have been extolling the virtues of mindful eating and shifting one’s mindset.

This advice consistently fails to achieve results for readers – why? Because they neglect to address what triggers people to indulge in unhealthy foods in the first place.

You can focus meditatively on the flavour of a keto-friendly steak dinner like a Shaolin monk – it won’t do anything to stop you from having pizza with co-workers at your weekly production meeting.

To avoid diet-busting situations like this, many of us rely on willpower. This may work in the beginning, but most succumb to temptation in due time. It isn’t because we are weak – it is our subconscious mind which betrays us.

Lacking the ability to read negatives, it focuses intently on forbidden food, despite telling ourselves we can’t have them.

Reciting affirmations is similarly fated to fail. Someone can proclaim sincerely they are now a fit and healthy person, but it won’t matter if their mind calls them on their nonsense.

Editing your mental programming is the only way forward

If you want lasting weight loss results, you need to challenge and change your thoughts surrounding food. Meditation, self-denial, and repeating impotent mantras won’t get it done – addressing eating triggers, limiting beliefs, and attaching painful thoughts to unhealthy habits will.

By analysing why you mindlessly munch popcorn whilst watching Netflix (e.g. boredom), you can replace the greasy bag of buttery corn husks with something healthier (e.g. carrot sticks, a bottle of water).

I had a client that just used to sit and eat junk food with her husband and then realized that the weight was creeping on and she felt blah. So instead of a bowl of ice cream when the other family members have a large plate she has just a spoon. She recognized that more quantity doesn’t increase the pleasure but does increase how unhealthy she feels. This way she doesn’t feel she is missing out either.

By defining your beliefs (e.g. obesity runs in my family) surrounding weight loss, you can challenge and replace disempowering ones with those which support your goals (e.g. prior generations didn’t know better, but I do).

If you educate yourself and find out what awaits 20+ years down the road should you continue to eat poorly, you’ll arm yourself with horrifying knowledge of what life would be like as a cancer, heart, or diabetes patient.

Undertaking these exercises and others will reprogram your mind, creating a set of rules which will transform your relationship with food for the better.

Don’t walk this path alone

Weight is a deeply personal issue – at the end of the day, we are the ones who decide what and how to eat. Accordingly, we feel obligated to try and fix these issues ourselves.

However, changing mental programming is not something which comes easily to a first-timer. In this fight, it helps to have an experienced partner in your corner.

This is where Trident Wellbeing enters the equation – we offer courses, diagnostic services, and coaching to those committed to changing their relationship with food.

Neural Slim, which offers 16 hours of instruction in an intimate group setting, tackles roadblocks standing between you and better eating habits,

Ready to make real progress on the state of your body? Course availability (Neural Slim) will open up again soon.

Go on, take the plunge – you’ll be shocked how much you can transform your body!

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