If you don’t mind, it does matter

If you don’t mind, it does matter

What is going on in your mind?

Is your mindset setting you up for triumphant success or leading you down the path to misery?  It has been reliably proven that what we think really matters to our health.

Sure I know the importance of diet and exercise but, as a trainer, what is never addressed is why some people are more successful than others. Why does the weight refuses to move or why the incentives advertised are unsuccessful in getting people active?! This is because they leave real issues are left unaddressed.

You have probably seen the latest and greatest diets being advertised, the fanciest and easiest way to store equipment or even four week exercise programs full of promise. Only to find yourself a few months down the track, asking; where are the promised results?

How we self-sabotage

We have the unique capability to sabotage ourselves with our thinking, without even knowing it!

Just as we can successfully create businesses, families, homes or holiday experiences, we also have the ability to quite often unconsciously sabotage our wellbeing.  This is the crucial factor not dealt with that, in my opinion, is causing so many to be unsuccessful.

The things we put into our minds sometimes without even realising it are creating neural pathways leading to habits that keep us going back for those fluffy muffins, salty french-fries and succulent chocolates. Interrupting these pathways can lead to some real weight changes. Don’t interrupt them and, in the words of my old boss and Henry Ford, “do what you have always done, get what you have always got”!

Imagine if those were healthy habits

I don’t know what tickles your fancy but, if it is unhealthy food habits, imagine what your life would be like if you could change them, imagine finding that extra vitality you’ve been looking for.

Clients frequently complain “I don’t want to just eat lettuce or exercise 2 hours every day” to which I reply; do you need a treat every day?

Reframe game – you do mind

One of the simpler tools I use in dealing with those patterns of unhealthy practices is the reframing of current practices. I do want you to mind, as it will matter if not now then down the track, that no one expects you to have a “lettuce diet” or train like the “Biggest Loser”. But, by just changing our thoughts to, if I train a half hour a day and enjoy my juicy burger as a sometimes food. You can feel good, have a healthy weight and have energy without feeling like you are denying myself.

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