Is Negative Self Talk Affecting Your Health?

Is Negative Self Talk Affecting Your Health?

5 easy Tips to crank up your positivity- and get control of your weight.

Do you need to know how to stop that negative self-talk? Do you need to shut down the negative habits that are affecting your health, weight and wellbeing?

Many of us have delusions of needing to eat to feel better, or that if we just rest our weary butt the fatigue and lethargy will pass.

However if you are unable to regulate your emotions, control those words that you are saying to yourself, then you will not only be affecting your health but impacting those around you, be they loved ones or work colleagues.

Modelling your Health

Your energy is contagious so where there is flatness, unresponsiveness in your demeanour then that radiates out to others and is received in ways that we won’t be able to predict.  If there are little people around you they may model those unhealthy behaviours.  Take an example of where they see mum stress eating, or dad coming home plonking on the couch with a beer, what will they conclude?

Alternately what if they saw mum exercising and smiling, or Dad engaged in kicking a ball instead of watching someone else do it, I suspect their conclusions would be vastly different.  Don’t we want to model good behaviours?

What about the work environment? I know a boss that is hard working, fair, responsive is better for my motivation than one that never follows up, is ‘out to lunch’ and uninvolved.

Weight and Motivation

The issues are far more pervasive than modelling though.  For if you have negative self-talk, it is pretty hard to be energetic and enthusiastic. With that comes a drop in energy expenditure and bad coping strategies.

Slowly the weight creeps on, we feel more tired, more bothered, the unhealthy habits become self-repeating, and it is ever harder to break the cycle.

5 Easy Habits to start a change in your Health

1:  Drink more water, easy right?  Did you know that many of us don’t drink enough unadulterated water? Hydration: that old chestnut just 2 % drop and we already slow our cognitive responses.

Drink a cup before a snack and maybe you will notice that you weren’t actually hungry but rather just thirsty, these symptoms can feel the same. There is the added benefit that if we have filled our belly just a bit more that maybe we won’t crave as many carbs.

  1. Move a little more. You got it, we are all too sedentary. Studies show that for every hour we park our posterior we lose 22 mins our life! (Compare that to 11 mins for every cigarette)*

Now I’m not suggesting we need to become triathletes, do a Spartan Run, or a marathon just up those steps each day, throw in a few stretches and weight bearing exercises and ‘Dang’ you will feel better.

  1. Reduce your portion size. Plates, portions and our desire for more pleasure see us consuming far more energy than we are expending. That energy has to go somewhere, so it’s no mystery that our clothing size goes up!

Use a smaller plate, don’t go back for seconds, fill up on veges or have that glass of water first but ultimately consume less. By tricking our mind with a smaller plate and eating slower you can discover that you really have enjoyed your meal and not needed the extra calories for extra happiness.

  1. Anchor those good sensations. When you feel great, happy, energetic really focus on those, maybe give yourself a non-calorie focused reward. Whatever ‘floats your boat’ as a reward that doesn’t involve food?  For me it is exercise, I feel good after it, others have told me they celebrate by a non-food related treat, be it size smaller clothing, exercise gear, or flowers.  Something that brings us a smile for our win.

This will have a twofold effect.  We give ourselves the acknowledgement of a job well done, notice how that feels, focus on it and become aware of how to repeat those good feelings. So when stress or fatigue kick in we can now bring back those good feelings by thinking about our treats or rewards.  It may be that just envisaging how it will feel to put on those new smaller pants is all the incentive you need to keep your face out of the fridge.

  1. Praise yourself when you achieve each of these previous 4 steps.

Our minds like positive self-talk, so why not give yourself a pat on the back. After all if a loved one did these and felt better we wouldn’t hesitate to re-inforce their success with a word of praise. Well our mind responds just as favourably to self-praise so don’t be your harshest critic be your strongest advocate.

You do want that good behaviour, you want to feel healthy and achieve your weight loss goal. So continue to ramp up those good feelings.



* 11000 people studied (Bakers institute Australia, Diabetes Institute and University of Qld)


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