Food Reprogramming

$399.00 inc. GST

Coaching and support
that help you transition
to new eating behaviours



For those having difficulties with binge eating, overeating, junk food habits or body image issues. In this coaching package, we target those limiting beliefs and thinking patterns that add to the guilt and challenges of losing weight.

Once we have helped you change those we give you strategies to implement so that you don’t revert to the old habits again in times of stress.

Sessions: 4 x 1 hour

Included in the packages:

  • Intensive support to change the specific binge eating, emotional eating habits, and junk food habits
  • Face-to-Face Mind Coaching sessions to identify the old patterns of thinking that are holding you back
  • Specific attention to triggers that fire your desire to overeat or eat unnecessarily
  • Reprogramming techniques focussed on changing your relationship with food and eating

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