Neural Slim Bootcamp

$1,120.00 inc. GST

Specialist coaching for anyone
wanting to lose

30 kilograms or more



We know that facing a bigger weight loss goal can be daunting. That is why we offer this coaching program specifically designed for people who want to lose 30 kilograms or more.
This one-on-one Bootcamp offers you 5 intensive weeks of coaching to help you get on top of and mindset issues including any self-sabotage thinking and limiting beliefs that prevent you from losing all those extra kilograms. If you’re at a loss on how to make the permanent changes to your lifestyle – start here!

Sessions: 10 x 1 hour

Included in the packages:

  • Help with establishing a healthy and sustainable eating program to set you on the right path to portion control.
  • A personalised movement program to get you moving in the first 5 weeks of your change(taking into account any injuries or unique requirements)
  • Intensive support to change the specific binge eating, emotional eating habits, and junk food habits
  • Twice a week Face-to-Face Mind Coaching sessions to smash the old eating habits that are holding you back
  • Phone support in case you need help with any slip-ups
  • Guidance and advice on assessing what may be preventing you from sticking to your goals

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