Weight Loss Jump Start

$399.00 inc. GST

Start here before
you choose any diet
or exercise plan



At Trident Wellbeing we know your success won’t be down to the diet you choose or the meal replacement packages you buy or even the Personal Trainer you choose. It will come down to have the right mindset. It makes sense then that before you spend any money or time on any of these secondary plans that you first make sure your Primary success factor is prepared; your mindset and emotions are right, and Jump Start your way to success!

Sessions: 4 x 1 hour

Included in the packages:

  • Designing your goals for weight loss
  • Creating a plan beyond meeting your weight goal to ensure you can transition to a lifestyle free of diets
  • Advice and guidance on changing food and movement habits
  • Reprogramming of bad food and movement habits and unconcious processes that may sabotage your results
  • Identification of Limiting Beliefs or any other hidden mindest patterns that may prevent your success

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