If you are like me, you have probably always tried to do the right thing, only to find that you often fall short. I then go in search of what I should do instead. The conundrum is that, when it relates to our health and wellbeing, there are so many articles telling us what to do.

Do this to lose weight, do that to shape up.

This is a no fail diet.

This exercise will give you dream abs.

Today I want to help you decide what NOT to do. Here are 5 easy Please Don’t Do’s.



So let’s start with a quick self-proclaimed trimming tip. A Cream. Yep some think that a specially designed weight loss cream will do the trick and tip the scales.

Surely logic must kick in here and suggest that if exercise is being done, than it is the latter of those two that has worked, and the nice soft skin is a benefit of the cream.

Where with creams is the attention to health and nutrition? No amount of cream is going to wear off that choc chip muffin.



Many apps are making great headway with the 7 minute workout, or the 4 minute tabata. Now I do use tabata with my workouts. But not on its own, same as the 7 minute sesh it is not enough to really make weight changes.

If, however, it begins to get you moving because 30 minutes seems overwhelming. And you use it to help develop exercise habits, then terrific. However, if you are using this on its own for weight loss, sorry folks but you are unlikely to see your desired results.



Wouldn’t it be fun if like the matrix we could choose a pill and change our reality? Thanks I’ll take the red one and deal with the real world. A pill can indeed cause weight loss, and people may feel good about these results. But besides the potential side effects of irregular heartbeats, upset stomach and insomnia, even if those pills have been approved by the FDA, how on earth are they developing good habits?


How is taking a pill modelling good nutrition to our obese youngsters? And more importantly how is it then possible to keep that weight off long term. There really has not been an adequate shift in lifestyle.

Statistically it’s been shown that it is already a challenge to keep the weight off. So if we don’t change our habits then we become just one of those 95% that slap it straight back on.



There are diets that seem oh so wonderful. The grapefruit diet (not a yummy one to me) but the cookie diet is a whole other taste experience: imagine 6 cookies a day. Surely that’s has malnutrition written all over it. How could it be sustainable, and how does it affect our lifestyle. Imagine going to dinner with your one cookie. OK I am being a bit satirical here but the reality of it is; that if it looks too good to be true, then like most things it probably isn’t true.


  1. 5. DIURETICs

The last gimmick I’d like to touch on are diuretics.
Really this is just simply loss of fluid. In a healthy person, this can mess with our electrolytes and body chemistry, therefore becoming quite dangerous. Ironically they can also work against the body and cause swelling. It is not fluid the healthy person wants to loose but actual fatty tissue.


So we really need to re-wire our thinking? It is up to us and only us to create new practices and habits.

Unfortunately, quick fixes are seldom long lasting, healthy or even enjoyable. Therefore wouldn’t it be better to play the long game?

Gradually change your practices from today, bit by bit. Remember the saying: how do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time. Or how do you train for a marathon, one kilometre at a time. I would never recommend anyone just blurting out to run 42 km. But if you can run a block, and soon a km and gradually you are running more and more and maybe even do an event.

If your weight is getting you down but the task is becoming overwhelming break it right down to what you can do today. Eat clean today, move more today. This is far more manageable and it will create new neural pathways, better health and long term weight loss success.

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