Unconscious Habits

Unconscious habits

Who is controlling your Health?

I put it to you that much of what we do around our health and wellbeing we do without even realizing it.

If we inspect the meaning of doing things unconsciously it reflects the process of our mind that we do without even knowing. These processes we do automatically, without introspection and when we do them often enough they become a habit, and we establish a neural pathway.

Now so many things we do without much thought or effort, and this is ok.  After all it enables us to communicate, look after ourselves, and protect us from burns, cold, drive without re-learning every rule or gear.

Our unconscious habits

But what happens when our habits are sabotaging our health?

What happens when our habits wreak havoc on our wellbeing?

These automatic responses that maybe we developed to show love, cope with stress, anxiety, depression that involve food, being sedentary, shutting down emotionally now are destroying lives.

If our coping mechanism to dealing with life’s turmoils is to turn to food then all that really results is a gain in weight, blood pressure and more threatening illnesses.

Self Esteem

How many times have I had clients come to me for muffin stress eating, of trying to reduce boredom with chocolate, chip cravings, or a doughnut addiction?  These food are eaten without much thought being given to them.  This then becomes a habit, a response where suddenly we find our face in the pantry and chomping away on food that offers no nutritional value, little emotional solace and even less companionship.

If we do this often enough, we establish a neural pathway which then becomes our go-to behaviour.

What if we re-wire our neural pathways and alter these habits with healthier alternatives to respond?

Re-Wire your Responses

Instead of eating find a new habit.

Discover a more appealing future version of you that is so exciting that the food doesn’t come up on our radar. Our new healthier, motivated, excited version enjoys food but doesn’t need it as a distraction.

This new you is in control, not reliant on anyone else.  Feels great, and makes choices rather than responses. This version of you can clearly picture how they want to be.  It may seem a challenge at first, but we didn’t develop unhealthy, automatic unhealthy responses in a day either.

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