Weight loss starts in your head

How changing your internal dialogue can help drop extra kilos and keep them away – for good.

The official advice surrounding weight loss and internal dialogue  is hopelessly outdated. While eating right and engaging in regular physical activity makes biological sense, programs based on this data often neglect to address psychological issues surrounding obesity.
Whether they realise it or not, every person is governed by the mental blueprint they have crafted throughout their life.  For instance, many people resort to binge eating to relieve stress – as a result of this neural association, they are at high risk for relapse after completing a weight loss programme.

Time adds weight

It is often a matter of time before they gain back the kilos they’ve lost. Once they run into their first significant roadblock, like running into a busy stretch at work, they jam their hand back into a bag of crisps, and soon, they are back where they started.

Time is running short for many Australians because being overweight increases the incidence of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnoea, and some cancers.

Our nation is plumping up

With almost 70% of the nation overweight or obese (25% of children), we stand on the precipice of a massive health care crisis. However, if we take the psychological component of this condition seriously, disaster can be averted.

Altering mindset can change how you view your life and how you react to food. By replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones, you’ll be able to push out destructive habits and replace them with healthy ones which can help give rise to a new energetic you. That’s not the only cognitive tool at your disposal, though: anyone looking to get fit needs to address the neuro-programming responsible for their current state before they can make lifestyle and diet changes.

 Changing how you think about weight loss

We help clients clear this hurdle by offering group and one-on-one coaching sessions which harness the power of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It is an alternative form of psychotherapy … that can alter behaviours to show how your thoughts and emotions affect your decisions.

 By helping customers harness the power of their own minds, long-lasting sustainable change can be achieved, ending the yo-yo cycle of ‘quick fixes’ that fail in the long run.”

Workshop about weight loss

Tired of riding the weight loss roller coaster? Arm yourself with the mental tools needed to improve your lifestyle and food choices – attend an upcoming Trident Wellbeing workshop.


Warrnambool – April 7

Morrabbin – May 12

Ballarat – TBA

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