The 4 M’s to help enhance your weight loss and wellbeing.


Often with the clients I see, the story is pretty similar (after we cut to the chase), their motivation is at an all-time low.

They may be in a crappy situation, have been in one, feel like they are heading towards one and have that kinaesthetic of “I just can’t” or “I don’t want too”, “I have no motivation, no purpose, no incentive” and “why bother”.

If this occurs as a one off (we all have those days) it’s not a big deal. If this happens over and over and we find it more and more challenging to move then we need to reignite our motivation.

Hit the start button!


This is a fun word as it works on a couple of levels.

First of all it’s just a matter of simply starting. We are probably not going to win that 10km. But just starting to move a bit more, has the effect of activating some of those feel good hormones. We then do a bit more, we feel a bit better and soon we establish new neural pathways, options, choices and behaviours.

Dr. Joe Dispenza an expert on rewiring our neural pathways consistently reminds us that neurones that fire together wire together. He has done numerous studies and shown that this can even cure diseases. So how about just starting with a few small actions each day and creating new habits.

If we can create disease with stress, anxiety and negative action it goes to say that we can create health and wellbeing by upping our movement and positive action. We then generate energy in the realm of possibility.

As we increase our movement our momentum can increase in other ways. First of all we want to do more moving, and feel even better. Chances are we then will address our diet. Hello babe our momentum is increasing …..


“So which moves?” I get asked.

“I hate running”

“If you ask me to do a burpee I am leaving”

“My legs/elbows/knees joints hurt I can’t possibly exercise”

My reply will vary but the summation is ‘horses for courses’ if you have joint pain, maybe swimming, kick boarding or walking in the warm pool is an option.

If you hate running, but like cardio try High Intensity Interval Training. Works well if you are time poor too.

Need to give the metabolism a boost? Time to add in resistance.

Find something enjoyable and the likelihood of repeating it increases dramatically.

There is always an option. See your physio or medical professional if you need to. On the wards when I was nursing, sometimes really simple moves were all we could commence with but doing nothing wasn’t an option.

Any good PT will have an ideas for you. But ‘I can’t’ won’t cut it. That momentum won’t fire without starting.

Need more motivation google some of the amazing stories of what severely challenged people have been able to achieve amazing results? They had to overcome physical and emotional challenges too.


Sometimes our mental blocks are a bit too profound to start moving. It is perfectly OK to outsource then. No I don’t mean get someone else to jump on the spin bike for you slam out a 100 crunches and spring a few box jumps. Rather, find a coach or mentor to help you re-wire your thinking and facilitate new behaviours so you can continue to feel good.

This could be in the form of a training buddy that makes you accountable to show up and train. Or it could look a bit more professional. Whichever way you choose your mentor the objective mindset is that they are not your crutch but a catalyst to help you start your new healthier life. Help you think differently, move differently and craft new improved choices.

After all we want to be independent, no blame game, just our own accountability.


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