Are Limiting Beliefs Holding Back Your Health And Wellbeing?

Ever felt like absolute rubbish.  I don’t mean eating it though that is quite often the go to.  You just feel lethargic, depressed, and indecisive.  Your emotions flat line or worse and you don’t know what to do about it.  The abyss hangs there and instead of looking for constructive ways to feel better you plonk your butt on the couch with a bucket of ice-cream or bag of chips and a “Whatever” attitude.

Did you know that you are not alone?

That there are strategies you can use?

However if you do this behaviour over and over it becomes really easy to make an excuse that this is the only option available, that you can’t do anything else, that nothing else will work.

Usually then things just descend even more.

Some people suggest focus groups. But it seems to me that getting a bunch of likeminded poorly motivated people is probably going to re-enforce those bad habits, and maybe you pick up a few more. Hence reaffirming that sitting on your backside technique is not that unique.


What I like to get people to do is work out why this is the best option for them.  Funnily this is often met with” its not, makes me feel worse but I don’t know what else to do”.

So we have some limiting beliefs.  The problem with beliefs we don’t even need proof that they are real.  We will find some information to support it, get it backed up from friends and then repeat the process. Wella! Neural pathway, and habit established.


Step by step and I don’t mean as an exercise, but hell why not add that in for fun?

More importantly let’s work on those beliefs, annihilate them; get strategy’s to change them.  I had a client that would ‘down’ 5 cupcakes if there was a stressful event that week. Bingo all the good work gone (takes a lot of exercise to wear off cupcakes).  She thought these would provide relief.

Not so much, then came guilt, and a lazzefarre attitude of ‘Meh” We had to smash the limiting belief that food helped instead of smashing a cake. This then led to other options. It was a gradual process in this instance. But soon she realized that she could regain control leading to a bit more movement each day, and a bit more control on the food front, more weight loss and less chronic illness issues.  If she sweated she felt better and with small results she could see benefits that kept up the momentum.

If we hadn’t tackled that limiting belief though then none of these changes could have occurred.


Seems straight forward.

It is. When you are in the moment though, and if you have had many moments, you have a response action that you justify, rationalise and fully invest in to the extent that you can legitimately feel this is your only option.

Once that Limiting belief is tackled and you can eliminate that self-belief, create new responses then the changes happen.  I have had people lose a kilogram a week, but only when they realised that being thinner wouldn’t change their personal relationships to the negative, or that their anxiety was better tackled another way and they did indeed have the powers to do so.

When you believe so, thus it is.  Not a unique statement true, but I dare you to check in on your life and see which Limiting belief is holding you back from having the wellbeing, health or weight that you desire.



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