Hi I’m Sophia Vandermeer

My journey began to find answers to a simple question when it comes to permanent weight loss….

Why do some people succeed and others fail?

That answers I found weren’t found in any book or T.V. program. In fact, there were so many examples of inconsistent results with traditional weight loss and exercise programs I knew that the answers couldn’t be found there. Then it occurred to me. The key variable for each person’s journey wasn’t the goal or the method that each person used to try and change their weight and improve their wellbeing. The key variable was their mindset.

Or more specifically how their mind impacted their emotions.

What I discovered was that conventional thinking and the traditional methods that most people think are the “solution” were actually setting them up to fail?

There was something else. I identified that the very way that accepted wisdom went about trying to help people gain their ideal weight contained flaws to almost guaranteed failure. Almost like a virus or a glitch in a computer program. I designed this program to help you bypass those flaws and to wipe the virus clean.

These behavioural sciences have shown me how people can re-programme their mind and why some people seem to do more, achieve more, have more time and are ultimately happier. Through these further studies I have learned how I can help others achieve their goals, and I look forward to helping you become the best that you can become so you too feel in control of your mind, body, and emotions.

I guess you could say I’ve always had a fascination on
how our mind and emotions effect our lives.

I guess you could say I’ve always had a fascination on
how our mind and emotions effect our lives.

Looking back into how I came down this path, it has been a diverse yet similar theme for the past 30 odd years. As a Registered Nurse, certified in oncology I became aware at a very early age that the mindset of individuals could change their destiny in days! Sometimes this was negative and at other times the most miraculous of events would occur with people defying death.

Then as a competitor in triathlons, I noticed too the mind was the most powerful tool. Some people could never complete the swim leg no matter how short the distance while others would breeze through it. I could watch others do this and then challenge the mind myself, as I teetered between wanting to slow down or catch the next person. It was a decision with a LOT of mindset talk as some legs of the races I really disliked.

From this to martial art; it seemed logical at least to me, though many queried my sanity. It was the mental discipline that I wanted to delve into, and again through my own experiences and watching others from training colleagues to instructing in my own Club, I learnt it was not the actual exercises, forms or defences that were the big challenge but rather it was the mindset of these individuals from CEO’s to pottery makers that showed me how important this was in achieving the martial art goal.

I took this career path further when I began personal training. It complemented the martial arts I did as people asked for stretches, assistance with diet, or exercise programs. It supplemented my growing family and allowed me to help others achieve their physical goals. During some sessions tears were shed as people revealed other issues and frustrations that were holding them back from feeling good about themselves. Then others would achieve their goals and feel amazing.

It is the positive aspects of each of these careers and experiences that I use and teach so that others can model the strategies and live their best life too. So that the ups and the downs, see each and every one come out the other side confident in themselves.

My life has been a journey through the medical field, in Business, Qualified Personal training, and 5th Dan black belt, 9th level in long stick fighting. But it was the further studies in behavioural science that has helped complete the story, fill in why some people manage certain aspects of their lives easier than others:

It became my personal mission to find out why so many people never succeeded and more importantly what to do about.

Sophia Vandermeer